What is dark matter?

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Joe Rogan and Sean Carroll have a long interesting talk about the universe and life.

Jump to 2:01 for full dark matter talk and explanation.

Joe: I would imagine that if you went out and polled randomly 100 people, all of them won’t know what dark matter is.Sean: Rick and Morty recently had a dark matter episode.

DARK MATTER is real, it exists.

How do we measure it?
We measure its gravitational force. It pushes things around in the universe.

So what do we think it is?
That’s the thing, we don’t know. We know certain things about it, we know it’s dark, we know how much of it there is.

Ot’s about 5 time as much mass on dark matter as it is in ordinary matter.

Ordinary matter is every particular we’ve ever seen ever. So all the atoms, all the stars, all the galaxies that we see in our telescopes that’s 5% of the mass and then dark matter is 25% and then dark energy is the other 70% of the universe.

What it is the current theory

Joe Rogan and Sean Carroll

Dark Matter

So do we know what dark matter is? Is there any theories?

There’s lots of theories, WIMPS is the biggest theory but there is alternatives.

One alternative that it could be small black holes that were made in the very early universe, that seems unlikely.

There is another kind of subatomic particle called the axion, and there are dozens of other theories out there.

What percentage of galaxy is the dark matter?

Most, 75% to 80% depends on the galaxy.

Does dark matter exists on Earth or on the Universe?

Depends on the theory.


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