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This is an opinion editorial by Logan Bolinger, a lawyer and the author of a free weekly newsletter about the intersection of Bitcoin, macroeconomics, geopolitics and law.

“I’m more interested in asking the question, is the world that we want to live in one where we need to hyperfinancialize every aspect of an individual’s life because financial conditions on a macro level are such that you have to financialize your whole being in order to keep up or get ahead? Is that truly a victory for democracy and for the kind of psycho-spiritual wellbeing of all of us and the lives we want to live? Versus something like Bitcoin, that’s a definancializing force that basically says because we think a world might be better where you’re actually able to save money and you don’t just have to spend it or go invest or speculate on some stuff, would that unlock ways for you to feel more fulfilled or satisfied as a person and would you then be able to pursue other things? I think ultimately the end of Bitcoin is that we all think collectively less about money and more about other things that we’re interested in.”

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