Director Clears Up DC Rumor Mill

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Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot making Wonder Woman 1984.
Image: Warner Bros.

Patty Jenkins has been in the news a lot over the last few months. First with the removal of her Star Wars movie, Rogue Squadron, from Disney’s schedule, and then the even more shocking news that Wonder Woman 3 had been canceled by DC.

In the past week, various reports came out about how and why the film was canceled but no one had heard from Jenkins herself. Until now. The director took to her Twitter to state she tried everything in her power to move Wonder Woman 3 forward and that she’s still actively developing her Star Wars pilot movie, Rogue Squadron. Here’s the statement.

The main takeaways here from a news perspective are as follows. One, Jenkins says that she stopped working on Rogue Squadron because she was worried it would conflict with Wonder Woman 3. The understanding, however, was that she would come back afterward and made a new deal to do so. Apparently, that film, though no longer on the release schedule, is still in development. io9 has reached out to Lucasfilm about these claims and will update this story if and when we hear back.

Jenkins also contradicts conflicting reports about how Wonder Woman 3 was canceled. Initial reports said she was surprised by it. Another said she walked away herself. Now here she’s claiming it’s a bit of both, that she wanted to continue but was told there was no way forward and moved on.

Which still, unfortunately, leaves fans without a Wonder Woman 3 from Jenkins and Rogue Squadron in limbo. But you can tell from the statement that Jenkins feels awful about all of this because she knows what Wonder Woman means to fans. It means a lot to her too.

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