Disneyland Paris Lights Up the Night With Avengers Drone Show

Promo pic for Disneyland Paris' Avengers: Power the Night show.

Image: Disney Parks

As the larger Disney corporation celebrates turning 100 years old this October, Disneyland Paris is reaching its own 30th birthday in April. To commemorate the milestone, France’s theme park currently has an Avengers-themed show for the parkgoers that stay through to the evening.

Avengers: Power the Night is exactly what it sounds like, a grand finale nighttime event that boasts 500 drones forming light projections based on the powers of current MCU heavy hitters such as Captains America and Marvel, plus Scarlet Witch. Shang-Chi is also set to appear in the drone show, which will mark his Disneyland Paris debut. All of them will be blasted onto the Tower of Terror for everyone to see, and to further make the drone show more appealing than it already is, it’ll be set to themes from the Marvel movies, arranged in unique versions, and recorded by a symphony orchestra. You can see some of the drone work in the video below, as director Arnaud Feredj and producer Ben Spalding go into the creation of the event.

Nouveau spectacle nocturne de drones dédié à MARVEL à Disneyland Paris !

“Over the last 100 years, our stories have become an integral part of people’s lives and with that comes enormous expectation, which is something we cherish,” said Spalding to io9. “Avengers: Power the Night was an opportunity to embrace a new form of storytelling while pushing the boundaries of innovation to create an unforgettable experience for our guests. It’s a proven formula that’s distinctly Disney and one that I’m proud to be a part of.”

In the video, Spalding stresses that Power the Night would be a Paris-only event, saying that it “does not exist anywhere, anywhere in the world.” That kind of exclusivity may be what gets folks to try and see the event—but given how important Marvel is to Disney’s brand and the significance of the company’s big birthday, it’s likely other theme parks will have their own exclusive events just waiting to be announced.

Avengers: Power the Night is running at Disneyland Paris from January 28 to May 8.

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