Michael Che asks lactose-intolerant rappers Milly Pounds and Shirty to explain the British Monarchy on Weekend Update

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With King Charles III’s coronation right around the corner, SNL thought it best to seek the expertise of real Brits. When British rappers Milly Pounds and Shirty (James Austin Johnson and Devon Walker) slide onto the Weekend Update set, they immediately refocus the conversation on the real enemy: the “exploitative British press.” It’s pants, mate!


Bowen Yang is a delightfully cantankerous Chinese spy balloon in SNL’s cold open

Then the self-proclaimed Eton grads rap their thoughts about the country’s current events, because it’s not “all chicken shops and tikka masala.” From the late Queen to the prime minister, the duo drop bars for Michael Che that are sort of helpful for understanding the state of the Union.

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