NFT Steez and Cryptoys CEO discuss the future of toys and entertainment within Web3


This week, NFT Steez met with Cryptoys founder Will Weinraub to discuss the current role of play and toys in regard to their integration with nonfungible tokens  and Web3 as a whole. 

Weinraub believes that the act of play is “not restricted to children” and that as adults, “we still crave the element of play throughout life.” According to him, “play has evolved” through the development of technology. NFTs, especially in gaming, have highlighted this layer of ownership through play.

Weinraub and Cryptoys theorize that “adults are just looking for ways to feel like kids again.” Keeping the question of “how play evolves” at the forefront, Weinraub said this is a core tenet of his experience with the evolution of play. 

Weinraub emphasized how profoundly the internet has catalyzed an evolution in play and gaming, going from action figures to watching his children build virtual worlds in Roblox. Players are no longer limited within the confines of their neighborhoods or geographic locations, according to him.

Weinraub stressed that the content of gaming is “very, very, different” and leans more toward “social play,” regardless of geographic barriers, when compared with the gaming of previous decades.